Standardisation and Interoperability in the Textile Supply Chain Integrated Networks

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Task 3

Task 3

Cross sectorial eBusiness and standardization scenarios


  • Identification and Documentation of existing structures (business process and messages).
  • Creation of a basic semantic reference structure and model TCSIP (Textile Cross Sector Interface Profile).
  • Adaptation of the business processes and messages to the TCSIP model.

Description of work

Task 3.1 Analysis of Existing Business Processes
The various inter-sectoral relationships (horizontal and vertical application scenarios) will be identified and documented/modelled with the ARIS Toolset. For each scenario several business process models will be created – including flows of activities and information - and stored in a database (modelling repository). The identified scenarios will form the knowledge domains to be covered by the TCSIPs.
Tasks4.1 and 1.2 will provide a common background for the modelling activities.

Task 3.2 Re-design of Business Processes According to TCSIP
The requirements coming from various other sectors will be analysed and integrated into the TCSIPs’ concepts in the form of semantic reference models (ontologies). Such ontologies will include the logic inherent to the considered application scenarios. Also organisational constraints for a later implementation (task 5.4) will be examined.

Task 3.3 Feasibility Study According to TCSIP
A feasibility study will be carried through describing the cross sector exchanges for selected areas (3 major sectors: e.g. automotive, chemistry and building) with the aim to obtain:

- A clear identification of the (relevant/suggested) business models, data flows and related messages (TCSIP)
- A clear identification of the actors and constraints about cross sectorial standardisation as well as the most promising technological and standardisation frameworks and
- an implementation (independent from the technological solution) of a dictionary and ontology of shared terms between the sector ( in terms of structure and basic content)

To what extent standardization is adequate in each scenario will be carefully assessed.

Task 3.4 Demonstration and Creation of Acceptance
The TCSIPs (Textile Cross Sectorial Interface Profile) responsible respectively the business process models, the ontology XML schemes etc. will be made available within a virtual demonstration centre in order to raise awareness for the standards and/or TCSIPs and to show the organisational improvements.

Due to administrative problems caused by changes in the European Commission contractual rules for standardization the task 3 was not completely accomplished.


  DOC - Task 3 - Preliminary workplan

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