Standardisation and Interoperability in the Textile Supply Chain Integrated Networks

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Task 2

Task 2

Methodological improvements and standardization supports


  • To analyse the different scenario at national level
  • To create a repository of common business process
  • To homogenise a shared sector dictionary
  • To add sector core components to the international global repositories
  • To improve dictionary on line to support the use of the framework

Description of work

Task 2.1 Analysis of the different scenario at national level:

The identification and analysis the most complex scenario in particular fibre/ fabrics dyeing and finishing will lead to understand the local importance given to the tailoring. The comparison of the different scenario will lead to a summary of the main production models and to identify commonalties and differences.

Task 2.2 Definition of a common logical infrastructure of the dictionary and of the repository of business scenarios

A common logical infrastructure of the dictionary will be established (ebXML methodological specifications will be assumed as a reference) to share a common way to represent and formalise the vocabulary; a procedure to exchange contributions will be setup.
The dictionary must me able to support also the coding aspects of the vocabulary (for example it must be able to document the valid/allowed values that each term could assume).
The opportunity to integrate the dictionary with an approach based on ontologies (for example produced in task 3) will be evaluated as well as the opportunity to support XML.
A repository, either separate or integrated, will be designed to contain modelling scenarios.
A brief outline of the dictionary features and structure will be drafted.

Task 2.3 Development of a web based infrastructure for the dictionary and for the repository of business scenarios

A web application is developed to support the logical infrastructure of task 1.1; the aim is to use it both for internal purposes as well as for dissemination purposes. The final version will be available from the TEX-WEAVE web site.

Task 2.4 Filling of the sector dictionary of terms (Filling of repositories)

Formal ebXML compliant business process modellisation of the TEX-SPIN and TEX-WEAVE scenarios and loading in the repository infrastructure; systematisation of the existing dictionary of TEX-SPIN according with the new structure and addition of further elements produced during the TEX-WEAVE activities.

Task 2.5 Feasibility of the submission of sector Core Components to UN/CEFACT

The feasibility of the submission of a set of sector Core Components towards UN/CEFACT or any other international repository of core components recognized as contributing to ebXML will be analysed.

Due to administrative problems caused by changes in the European Commission contractual rules for standardization the task 2 was not completely accomplished.


  DOC - Task 2 - Preliminary workplan

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