Standardisation and Interoperability in the Textile Supply Chain Integrated Networks

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The objectives of the TEX-WEAVE project

The objectives of the TEX-WEAVE project

the TEX-WEAVE project proposes the following actions:

  • Extending the supply chain coverage created within TEXSPIN by building an improved framework of business scenarios, an enlarged XML Dictionary and new XML documents that are closer to business activities needs in the entire T/C sector;
  • Generating methodological improvements and standardisation supports that simplify the maintenance and dissemination of the XML documents;
  • Identifying cross-sectorial standardisation scenarios and business models, definition of a dictionary of terms shared with other sectors (furniture, footwear, technical applications...); requirements and state-of-the-art for the creation of a set of cross-sectorial standardised messages;
  • Disseminating and building up awareness will regard both the activities of TEX-WEAVE as well as previous results achieved in the TEXSPIN project;
  • Establishing TEX-WEAVE pilots.

Due to administrative problems caused by changes in the European Commission contractual rules for standardization the tasks 2, 3, 4 and 5 were not completely accomplished but task 1 was completed and produced the CWA 15557:2006 and all the XML schemas and related documentation that has been published on the web site of CEN/ISSS


Contenuto realizzato nel corso del workshop CEN/ISSS TexWeave (www.texweave.org)


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