Standardisation and Interoperability in the Textile Supply Chain Integrated Networks

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(Page top) (Zoom) In Bologna at R2B 2018 fashion industry gain conquers more and more space
Datanews 07/06/2018

(Page top) (Zoom) Visage Project at IT4Fashion 2018: 19th April Florance
Datanews 19/04/2018

(Page top) (Zoom) IT4Fashion 2018
Datanews 18/04/2018

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ 4.0 at EU Industry Day
Datanews 22/02/2018

(Page top) (Zoom) Luxury Fashion Management: the Fifth International Luxury Fashion Management Conference
Datanews 27/11/2017

(Page top) (Zoom) 3° Dig.IT4Fashion 23rd of November 2017
Datanews 17/10/2017

(Page top) (Zoom) A new plot is goin’ on: it’s the innovation of the fashion industry in Emilia-Romagna together with European networks
Datanews 10/06/2017

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 09/06/2017

(Page top) (Zoom) Digitalisation in Fashion, 09 June 2017, from 10 to 17 at R2B Research to Business
Datanews 09/06/2017

(Page top) (Zoom) IT4Fashion 19th - 21th April 2017, Florence
Datanews 19/04/2017

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ at IT4Fashion
Datanews 19/04/2017

(Page top) (Zoom) Annual Conference of the Textile European Technology Platform
Datanews 30/03/2017

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 19/12/2016

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 11/05/2016

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 15/02/2016

(Page top) (Zoom) Third short course on eBIZ adoption
Datanews 15/01/2016

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 11/11/2015

(Page top) (Zoom) Conference "Innovating for Sustainability in European Textiles and Clothing" - 28 October 2015, Brussels
Datanews 07/10/2015

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 01/10/2015

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 12/06/2015

(Page top) (Zoom) Digital integration, energy and resource efficiency in the textile clothing industry in the Euro-Mediterranean area
Datanews 27/04/2015

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ at the workshop organised by EURATEX at IT4Fashion: Software, techhnologies and standard for the fashion industry
Datanews 23/04/2015

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 19/03/2015

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 14/03/2015

(Page top) (Zoom) Second short course on eBIZ adoption
Datanews 05/03/2015

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ at Round table on digital revolution, Paris
Datanews 21/05/2014

(Page top) (Zoom) Upstream Pilot Project, Köln, Germany
Datanews 29/04/2014

(Page top) (Zoom) Proceedings of IT4Fashion 2014, Information Technology supporting Fashion, FLORENCE
Datanews 03/04/2014

(Page top) (Zoom) IT4Fashion 2014, Information Technology supporting Fashion, FLORENCE
Datanews 03/04/2014

(Page top) (Zoom) Bruxelles, Kick-Off meeting CEN Workshop GITB phase 3
Datanews 01/04/2014

(Page top) (Zoom) FabbricaFuturo event in Bologna
Datanews 19/03/2014

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 25/02/2014

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 30/01/2014

(Page top) (Zoom) A mini-COURSE about eBIZ implementation for Textile Clothing production
Datanews 22/01/2014

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ spreading in France, press conference at Premiere Vision
Datanews 24/09/2013

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 23/09/2013

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ standard at Premiere Vision
Datanews 18/09/2013

(Page top) (Zoom) Seven EUROPEAN events dedicated to eBUSINESS for fashion industry with eBIZ
Datanews 26/06/2013

(Page top) (Zoom) Bruxelles, Final plenary meeting of the CEN eBIZ Workshop
Datanews 26/06/2013

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ:online videos of Prato June 6th: subcontractors and customers integration
Datanews 06/06/2013

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 16/05/2013

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ meets fashion industries in Treviso
Datanews 16/05/2013

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ meets Italian IT suppliers for fashion industry in Milano at SMI
Datanews 09/05/2013

(Page top) (Zoom) Meeting IT4Fashion
Datanews 19/04/2013

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ at TRACE.ID Fashion 2013
Datanews 13/03/2013

(Page top) (Zoom) European Commission Vice President Tajani about Fashion Industry and eBIZ
Datanews 13/02/2013

(Page top) (Zoom) Workshop: Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public Procurement in Europe
Datanews 06/12/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ at 'Osservatorio Fatturazione Elettronica e Dematerializzazione'
Datanews 29/11/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ meeting in Madrid: eBusiness & Moda event
Datanews 29/11/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) Ken Holman courses in Europe on XSLT, XSL-FO, UBL e GenericCode
Datanews 22/10/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ at eChallenges 2012 conference
Datanews 17/10/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) CROSS-TEC at the 'Night of Reseachers': Innovation and research for footwear
Datanews 28/09/2012

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 12/07/2012

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 31/05/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) In Bologna Workshop FASHION and ENTERPRISE NETWORKS
Datanews 10/05/2012

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 20/04/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) WS eBIZ: new standardisation initiative for European textile clothing footwear
Datanews 29/03/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) Workshop for interoperability standards at I-ESA 2012
Datanews 21/03/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) I-ESA 2012 conference on Interoperability for enterprise systems and application
Datanews 20/03/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) Extension for Call for papers: workshop interoperability standards at I-ESA 2012
Datanews 15/01/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) Call for papers: workshops for interoperability standards at I-ESA 2012
Datanews 11/01/2012

(Page top) (Zoom) Workshop on SME expectations from the 'Network contract
Datanews 18/11/2011

(Page top) (Zoom) Synergies between research projects and standardisation: the COIN IP case
Datanews 09/11/2011

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ-TCF at Napoli: bilateral relationships Italy and Marocc
Datanews 19/10/2011

(Page top) (Zoom) Program of CoopIS 2011: Industry Case Studies
Datanews 17/10/2011

(Page top) (Zoom) CoopIS 2011: Industry Case Studies Program
Datanews 17/10/2011

(Page top) (Zoom) IN Arezzo: presentation of results of FEDI project on eInvoicing
Datanews 10/10/2011

(Page top) (Zoom) New presentations of eBIZ-TCF in Europe: Bruxelles
Datanews 07/10/2011

(Page top) (Zoom) New presentations of eBIZ-TCF in Europe: Warsaw
Datanews 28/09/2011

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 30/06/2011

(Page top) (Zoom) At R2B a workshop on eProcurement, new scenarios and developments
Datanews 09/06/2011

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 09/05/2011

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 04/04/2011

(Page top) (Zoom) IWEI 2011, Standards for Future Internet Enterprise Interoperability Workshop
Datanews 22/03/2011

(Page top) (Zoom) TRACE.ID Fashion, technologies for fashion supply chain in MILANO
Datanews 11/11/2010

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ-TCF at conference “Europe 2020: a wealth of opportunities for SMEs”
Datanews 14/10/2010

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 13/10/2010

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 05/10/2010

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 15/09/2010

(Page top) (Zoom) In MODENA to meet the experience of adopting eBIZ-TCF
Datanews 07/06/2010

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 04/06/2010

(Page top) (Zoom) In Biella to meet the experience of adopting eBIZ-TCF
Datanews 07/05/2010

(Page top) (Zoom) European Conference on eInvoicing
Datanews 27/04/2010

(Page top) (Zoom) IESA 2010 - workshop Standards – a foundation for Interoperability
Datanews 13/04/2010

(Page top) (Zoom) European Textile Technology Platform: 5th Annual Public Conference
Datanews 24/03/2010

(Page top) (Zoom) Promoting Innovation through Public Procurement: Best Practice and Networking
Datanews 23/03/2010

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 03/03/2010

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ-TCF at GS1 in Europe Regional Forum - Brussels
Datanews 24/02/2010

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 11/11/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) Second Interop VLAB.it workshop on Enterprise Interoperability
Datanews 06/11/2009

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 22/10/2009

(Page top) (Zoom)
Datanews 21/10/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) eBIZ-TCF: a single eLanguage for Textile Clothing and Footwear European industry
Datanews 20/10/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) OPTA: good ICT practices for the FASHION sector, Bologna
Datanews 23/09/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) OPTA: good ICT practices for the FASHION sector, Rimini
Datanews 23/09/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) Leapfrog: the research results for textile and clothing industry
Datanews 03/07/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) Ted Nelson in Bologna
Datanews 26/06/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) First Workshop on Interoperability through semantic data and services
Datanews 25/06/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) Interoperability through Semantic Data and Service Integration
Datanews 25/06/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) Workshop on ICT for fabric check service integration
Datanews 24/06/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) Electronic invoices and compliance conference
Datanews 18/06/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) Workshop on Wearable Computing
Datanews 20/05/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) Conference of the Textile Clothing European technology platform
Datanews 01/04/2009

(Page top) (Zoom) Ingegneri@MO 2009
Datanews 22/12/2008

(Page top) (Zoom) The new schedule of courses on UBL and technologies XML-based is now available
Datanews 15/12/2008

(Page top) (Zoom) Utrecht interoperability conference
Datanews 09/12/2008

(Page top) (Zoom) Tecnologie ed applicazioni avanzate di microcogenerazione
Datanews 16/10/2008

(Page top) (Zoom) VLAB.IT Workshop in Cagliari
Datanews 12/09/2008

(Page top) (Zoom) ETSI organises the B2B plugtest
Datanews 07/07/2008

(Page top) (Zoom) UBL Conference 2008 in ROMA
Datanews 21/04/2008

(Page top) (Zoom) Milan, European fashion and innovation in tandem with EU values
Datanews 15/02/2008

(Page top) (Zoom) Conference: European ICT Standardisation policy at a crossroads
Datanews 12/02/2008

(Page top) (Zoom) CEN/ISSS on eTourism
Datanews 20/11/2007

(Page top) (Zoom) Initiative on patents
Datanews 09/11/2007

(Page top) (Zoom) UNITEX, workshop on RFID for Textile and clothing
Datanews 30/10/2007

(Page top) (Zoom) Carpi: workshop on new European size coding
Datanews 16/10/2007

(Page top) (Zoom) Kick-off of CEN/ISSS Workshop on Anti-Counterfeiting
Datanews 02/10/2007

(Page top) (Zoom) Empoli: workshop on new European size coding
Datanews 28/06/2007

(Page top) (Zoom) Workshop on innovation in textiles and apparel
Datanews 31/05/2007

(Page top) (Zoom) Meeting on the interoperability standards for T/C: status of art
Datanews 19/04/2007

(Page top) (Zoom) Workshop on Mass Customisation in Clothing & Fashion
Datanews 20/03/2007

(Page top) (Zoom) Workshop organised by SMI-ATI and UNITEX
Datanews 26/02/2007

(Page top) (Zoom) COPRAS conference on ICT standardization and research
Datanews 21/12/2006

(Page top) (Zoom) Conference on Interoperability
Datanews 11/12/2006

(Page top) (Zoom) legal framework for e-business and Innovation
Datanews 27/11/2006

(Page top) (Zoom) UBL International 2006
Datanews 13/11/2006

(Page top) (Zoom) European Tech.Platform/Leapfrog project conference
Datanews 07/06/2006

(Page top) (Zoom) Information day on call for tender of WearItATwork
Datanews 30/05/2006

(Page top) (Zoom) Leapfrog: automation and innovative materials
Datanews 27/04/2006

(Page top) (Zoom) EU Research Roadmap
Datanews 21/03/2006

(Page top) (Zoom) Interoperability – The backbone of eBusiness
Datanews 28/11/2005

(Page top) (Zoom) TexWeave session in Italy
Datanews 14/10/2005

(Page top) (Zoom) Workshop Assinform: 6 experiences of integration
Datanews 21/09/2005

(Page top) (Zoom) Conference "Innovazione e conoscenza mercati", Prato
Datanews 16/03/2005

(Page top) (Zoom) Biennale Textile de Roanne
Datanews 14/11/2002

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